SoarSoft Software CompuFoil3D - The complete Airfoil Template System
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    About SoarSoft Software

•     Company Overview

Founded in 1992, SoarSoft Software develops, markets and provides technical support the CompuFoil line of products that are affordable to the individual aircraft builder, yet powerful enough for large corporate projects.  The ScopeKnob software was introduced in 2002. A privately held company, SoarSoft Software is located in Brighton, Michigan

Our products are in use by thousands of corporate and individual model craftsmen, including SIG, Estes Industries, Midwest Models, Hobbico, House of Balsa, HobbyHangar, Great Planes Models, R&R Products, CR Aircraft, DJAeroTech, The Electric Jet Factory, NASA, West Point, dozens of schools, colleges, universities and several thousand discriminating R/C modelers around the world.

•     Featured Products


Although we are still a small company, our products have received excellent feedback from both the corporate/educational and the model building community.
The flagship product is of course CompuFoil. We understand that modelers differ in their building needs and experience, that's why we divided CompuFoil3D into modules.  You buy only the modules that you require.  
SoarSoft Software is committed to providing you with the best possible products and support. CompuFoil3D™ is continuously being worked on, allowing you the customer to update to the latest version at any time.


The ScopeKnob software is yet another innovative software product designed to meet the needs of the discriminating airgun target enthusiast.



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