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CompuFoil3D is continuously being worked on.  Unlike most software, if a bug is found, it is handled right away and an update fix posted. You will almost always find new features as well! When CompuFoil3D starts, and if an internet connection is available, it will check this site to see what the latest version is. If an update is available, you will be prompted as such, and the revision list displayed. If you then let it, CompuFoil3D will even take care of downloading and installing the update for you!

Download CompuFoil3D
CompuFoil3D Update Program

If you get an error message after the update file is downloaded, and and the update installation program does not automatically start, simply run:
C:\Program Files (x86)\CompuFoil3D\Updates\Update3D.exe
That will install the update for you. This problem has been fixed with version
( - 09/06/2020 - An option was added to the Template Defaults window to force solid lines for spar notches in the planform view.
( - 03/19/2020 - A issue was identified where a file with very close X coordinates may not load properly.
( - 02/20/2020 - A issue was identified and fixed where the upsweep angle for construction holes were not placed properly for panels beyond the second panel when the option 'Upsweep Angle Continues Through all Panels' was selected
( - 05/14/2019 - A issue was identified and fixed with trailing edge stock CNC-DXF generation when used in a D-Tube configuration. This only occured if the trailing edge stock position was aft of the upper and lower sheeting line intersections.
( - 04/10/2019 - An update with web server broke the ability to send email to customer support through the program. This also broke the built in ordering utility.This has been fixed.

( 01-16-06

  • Normally the template text on a set of ribs will start with the name of the airfoil used for the lofting for the end ribs of the panel. I have added a configuration item to the Template|Configure Template Text option to use a rib number instead.
  • The bulkhead wizard has the ability to import a graphic into the background. You can now define the color of the bulkhead line when this is taking place in the Settings|Color Defaults|Template Screen Colors windows.
  • The bulkhead wizard can now load .blk bulkhead files, previously saved with the wizard. Note that .blk file from previous versions doe not contian the necessary information to be loaded in the the wizard.

( 01-07-06

  • I have added the ability to change the line color of both the regular and CNC outline .dxf exports.
  • I have added the ability to include the station lines in the CNC outline .dxf export. Laser cut templates can now have the station lines etched onto the surface now.
  • Fixed a problem exporting leading edge shaping guides to .dxf files.
  • Foam CNC templates sometimes had line artifacts that didn't belong. These have been cleaned up.
  • The help file has been updated to reflect these changes.

( 12-26-05

  • The last lightening hole fix had a ripple effect and exposed a problem where lightening holes would randomly not appear. This has been fixed.

( 12-22-05

  • The window for saving a CNC-DXF outline did not have fraction parsing implemented. This has been finished. You may now enter 1/16 for instance instead of .0625.
  • Generating a scaled .dxf file would not scale the text. Text scaling has not been implemented.
  • A glitch in the MAC calculator has been fixed. The glitch only occured when five panels were used.
  • If the top and bottom spar notch intersect each other, they will not be produced on the CNC-DXF output. A warning message will be generated if spars have been skipped because of this condition.
  • A bug was found and fixed. Turning text off would turn off the spars in a .dxf file.
  • In some cases, if a spar was very close to the leading edge, a double lightening hole would be generated. This has been fixed.

( 12-04-05

  • CompuFoil3D has the ability to print a scaled version of a planform such that the wing fits on a single page. The scale is determined by the size of the planform. The option has been added for scaling overide. Clicking on the CompuFoil icon in the upper left corner of the window will drop down a menu where you can enter the new scale. The scale is also now printed on the scaled output as well.
  • It sometimes happens that a spar is added and the person intened to enter in a location in terms of percentage, such as 30%, but they forgot the percent sign. This would place the spar 30" from the leading edge; normally off the airfoil. Popups have been added to the spar setup window if the spar is defined outside the range of the airfoil.
  • Full depth spars that appear outside of the unsheeted template range will now be produed on the sheeted airfoil surface if they are still within the range of the airfoil. Previously, they would be forced to the template trailing edge if their position resulted in them being outside of the template range.
  • A new algorithm was developed for CNC outline ribs. Previously, overlapping notches were not allowed and would produce unpredictable results. CompuFoil3D will not handle these alot more gracefully, giving you the combined notch contour.

( 11-10-05

  • I added both the top half and bottom half airfoil thicknessess to the airfoil report.
  • The ligtening holes now support turbulator spars even if one spar is disabled.
  • Added separate dxf and cnc-dxf save paths to the default .dxf settings.
  • Added support for front wing view by selecting the Planform view option a second time.
  • Added 25% Aerodynamic Center distances to planform printout.
  • Added AC distance to the Parameter window when in Planform View.
  • Added SawTooth Planform Airfoil Calculator to the Modify menu.
  • Added the option to align the airfoils by the trialing edge in overlay mode.


  • In some cases, with a highly swept wing, the vertical scroll bar would not be able to move far enough to view the full wing. This has been fixed.
  • In the 6 digit NACA airfoil generator, a vertical selection bar has been added to the designed lift coefficient, to give the user the ability to define the lift coefficient with .01 resolution.
  • The CNC-DXF ouline module will now generate output for foam templates as well! In the file output window, you will need to select whether you are generating the top or bottom template

( - Critical release - Crash Fix

  • This interim release fixes a problem when a file is loaded with negative coordinates, (negative numbers are not allowed). When such coordinates are loaded, CompuFoil3D would crash.
  • How would you end up with negative coordinates? The addition of a Save button in the NACA generator allowed this to happen. The Save function has been fixed to not allow this. If you have saved airfoils using this feature, it is suggested that you regenerate them.


  • When producing dxf files in two dimensions, the 3d were still present, just zeroed out. This caused some CAD program not to be able to utilize their 'offset' command. The 3d tags are no longer present with 2d dxf files.
  • Version fixed an offset problem with round spars. This however introduced an offset problem for normal spars referenced from the camber line.
  • CompuFoil3D's windows will appear at they were closed last. If you changed your resolution between runs, it was possible for the windows to appear partly off screen. Logic was added to alway keep the window within your screen limits.
  • The planform view did not include some items such as leading and trailing edge reinforcing strips. This was done to better visualize your spar placement, which was generated. A drip arrow selector button has been added to the right of the Planform View button on the tool bar. Selecting this will drop open a window where you may now turn on and off selected items from the planform view. Additionally, as you mouse moves over the item, that item will highlight in the planform view, even if it is not currently selected and visible.
  • A rudimentary rib report function has been added under the File menu. This function will generate a text file listing various data for you generated ribs. The report will open automatically with your default text file editor when finished.


  • I have added a new option to the lofting module for Elliptical, Modified Elliptical, and Planform from file lofting types. You will now
  • I've added an 'Extra>>' button to the print dialog to over-ride default print options.
  • Alt-S used to be keyboard shortcut to Sheeting. This has been changed to Alt-E as it sometimes interfered with the 'Settings' drop down menu.
  • Alt-W used to be shortcut to washout. This has been removed as it sometimes interfered with the 'Wizards' drop down menu.
  • When creating a tubular spar the 'Circle Center Distance' is the distance from the surface that the circle is placed. When the spar is also selected to be referenced from the camber line, this distance was not being taken into account. This has been fixed. Older files that may be affected when loaded will produce a prompt to check for correct tubular spar placement.
  • The 3D Rendering now includes tubes made with the Structured Rib Holes feature. The setup window for the holes now constains a / check box if you wish the hole group to be rendered as a tube. Unchecked, and the hole group will not appear.
  • A bug was fixed that effects holes setup with the Joiner Tube configuration. When the 'Joiner Tube Configuration' option is selected, the holes at the first rib are placed, and then all remaining holes are calculated based upon the first rib hole positions. The bug occured when you had a second group of holes then the hole positions for the first rib were lost. If you load a file that had this situation, you will need to open the Construction Hole Window, then simply select the OK button. The hole positions will be properly calculated at that point.
  • In metric mode, leading edge round stock at an angle was not rendered properly. This has been fixed.
  • Double clicking on a lightening hole will toggle its visibility state. The visibility state will now remain if you go back to the Lightening Hole configuration.


  • I have added a new option to the lofting module for Elliptical, Modified Elliptical, and Planform from file lofting types. You will now see three new options to effect how the thickness of the ribs is distributed as they progress towards the tip:
    1. Force Elliptical Distribution.
    2. Chord Length Progression.
    3. Linear Progression.

    For the Elliptical type wings, the software used to use option #1, Force Elliptical Distribution, by default. All rib were the same percent thickness. When viewed head on, the wing's thickness looked elliptical as well. For Planform from File type wings, you used to be asked if you wanted to force an elliptical thickness distribution. If you had answered no, then the thickness would use option#2, Linear Progression by default. Option #2. Please read the help file for furthur explanation of these options.

  • The Configure Template Text option under the Template menu has a new option to include the actual rib thickness in the template text.
  • The lofting routine has been optimined, decreasing rib generation time by 30%.
  • The .blk files saved by the Bulkhead Wizard will now also save the settings that created the bulkhead within the file. Now when you load the .blk file again, and go to the wizard, the wizard will start off with those same settings.
  • A memory leak has been fixed in lightening hole routine.
  • I have added autoscroll support. If you have scroll bars in the CompuFoil3D window because the image is too large, you can now click you middle button. This will bring up the autoscroll support. By simply moving your mouse in the proper direction, you can pan both side to side and up/down simultatneously.
  • I have added Save to bmp button option in the 3D rendering window. This will allow you to save a bitmap image of your 3D rendering.
  • I have added a new option for station lines, buth under the Template menu as well as the Template Defaults window. Previously, the station lines were divided along the length of the unsheeted rib, not the full length of the finished rib. This is the correct functionality for foam cutting. You can now swtich this functionality to divide along the full length of the rib.


  • I added a task tray notification window for items such as file saves, dxf generations etc.. to let you know that the the operation was successful. For .dxf generation, if you click on the window before it goes away, explorer will open to the containing directory as well.
  • I added Save button to NACA generator window, so you can save the airfoil without having to remove your current work.
  • I have modified the mirror image of foam templates as well as planforms so that the mirror is no longer flipped upside down, rather flipped right to left.
  • I added several new buttons to the print preview. There is now a Scaled button for planform previews. There is now a Best Layout button for planform views. This will set the number of page rows across such that the whole planform will show.
  • Optimized print preview operations:
    1. When you zoom out to normal size, display will now properly reset to tiled view.
    2. When you zoom out to normal size, display will start with page one again, instead of airfoil you zoomed in on.
    3. Print preview was not setting landscape check box according to current landscape state and has been fixed.
  • CNC DXF Outlines where not using the spacing specified in the file selection dialog. This has been fixed.


  • I added a Generate Ribs in 3D check box option to the output window for .DXF file generation. If selected, the ribs will be generated stacked up.
  • Added code to prevent a crash when a bad .plf (planform file) is loaded.


  • When modifying coordinates using the Modify|Edit Coordinates function, the currently selected coordinate will not highlight in the Full Screen Editor.
  • The Coordinate Editor has been modified to make it less tedious to use. You no longer need to press the Apply and then Update buttons.
  • The Lightening Hole algorithm has been completely rewritten to take care of odd behavior in some cases where spars are referenced from the camber line.
  • The print window has been updated. Those who have had trouble with this window and were forced to select the option to use te default Windows print dialog in the print settings window should be able to use this new one.
  • Added a menu item under View|Toolbars|Reset Toolbars to Default Positions and Visibility. This function will quickly reset the toolbars to the default configuration.


  • The CNC-DXF Outline module now has the option to create circles using ARC commands rather than polylines.
  • The Station Lines function now has the option for Built Up Rib style station lines. The default is for foam wing style station lines. The foam wing style, the Core is divided equally. This is to assure that when cutting your core, and using the station lines as a gauge to monitor your cutting progress, that the wire will leave the trailing edge at both ends of the wing at the same time. The Built Up Rib style divides the full template image into equal parts.
  • I added a window for when doing overlays. The new window will allow you to enter in both overlay airfoils as well as their relative chord lengths all at once.
  • A few visual glitches were fixed in the 3D rendering module that pertained to lightening holes.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the 3D rendering of reinforcing strips and stats when they did not extend through all wing panels.
  • Set All button on Slats were not setting the Visibility check box for all the panels.


  • I fixed a glitch in the Spar Slot functionality. I you had a symmetrical rib where the top and bottom coordinates matched, and you elected to have a tubular spar set on the chord line, the software would not be able to calculate the proper position. This has been fixed.


  • I added the ability for CompuFoil3D to load a .dxf file and display the image in the background of both the Full Screen Editor as well as Conic Bulkhead Wizard.


  • My deepest apologies for this...a bug was fixed that caused the top surface of the 3D rendering not to function correctly. This was a read stupid mistake on my part that shouldn't have happened.

( - Exciting new feature!

  • I have addressed one of the problems faced with creating an airfoil from scratch. Often times you only have a drawn image of the airfoil. I have added the ability to load a scanned image into the background of the Full Screen Editor! You will find a bmp/jpg button in the FSE's floating tool box. Click it, select your image, and it will be in the background. Double click the image to resize and reposition it. See the help file for more details.
  • I have added the background image functionality to the Bulkhead Wizard as well.
  • Fixed a bug where if you had a hole selected for movement, then exited to the FSE, then came back to template view, a crash would occur.


  • Fixed a glitch where in some cases, you get the right side of the bottom TE Slat on the top side if auto snap.
  • If you use proxy authentification for internet access, changing the password was not taking effect until CompuFoil3D was restarted. This has been corrected.
  • Option to download the update program used to simply download it. This has been changed to offer the same functionality as the automatic version checking feature of CompuFoil3D, (in other words, the update program is downloaded and started automatically).
  • Added Reset and Copy Current buttons to Trailing Edge Setup.
  • Added option to export CNC-DXF files in 3D.
  • Added option to export CNC-DXF in in 3D with planform alignment.
  • Added option to export CNC-DXF files in 3D with washout.
  • Added option to export CNC-DXF files in 3D with dihedral height adjustment.
  • Added option to export CNC-DXF files in 3D with axis swapped for CNC machinery.
  • Added option to export CNC-DXF files with only top or only bottom surface.
  • When you select either DXF output option, you now will have access to your .dxf output setting directly in the file name window, so you can easily override the default setting.
  • Further optimized the handling of CompuFoil3D's Auto Lightening Hole feature.
  • Fixed the initial misplaced FSE grid when window is resized.
  • When in Cp mode, got rid of graph drawing over Parameter Window tabs.
  • Leading and Trailing edge Reinforcing Strips can now be define on a panel by panel basis.


  • Leading and Trailing edge Reinforcing Strips can now be define on a panel by panel basis.
  • Trailing Edge Strips can now be define on a panel by panel basis.
  • Lightening holes now have spin buttons which allow you to "dial in" the web width and corner radius.
  • Lightening hole software was changed so now the ribs do not need to be regenerated for each lightening hole change. The screen update is nearly instantaneous!
  • Added a Set All and Clear All button to the panel selection for Lightening Holes. This allows you quickly set and clear all lightening hole panel definitions.


  • Round spars will now elongate in width to reflect the angle they intersect the ribs at.
  • Fixed a problem where V-Notches were not being rendered in CNC-DXF output .
  • Optimized the lightening hole algorithm for more predictable results.
  • Lightening holes will now also avoid leading and trailing edge reinforcing strips. The option to have the lightening holes ignore the strips has also been added.
  • In order to make it easier to differentiate between round spars and holes produced with the construction hole feature, round spars will have an 'x' in the center location, rather than the '+' used in normal holes.
  • The preview window in the File|Open window will now also work for .tpl files, displaying an image of the airfoil used in the .tpl file.


  • A few small glitches were found in the lightening hole rendering code and were fixed.
  • 3D Rendering in Metric mode would sometimes create oversized airfoils.


  • EXCITING FREE NEW FEATURE!! This version has a new Lightening Hole Auto-Generator. This new feature can be found under the Airfoil menu item. You 3D rendered airfoils will display the lightening holes as well.
  • The offsets in the DXF output as defined in the DXF Settings where actually being doubled. This has been corrected.
  • In the Spar Slot Setup, the center position of tubular type spars set to the center of the rectangular spar it replaced. In order to make this feature more intuitive, this has been changed to a direct hole center definition. CompuFoil files from previous versions will automatically be translated.
  • A Vertical Centerline option has been added to the Spar Slot Setup.
  • An Angle Spar option has been added to the Spar Slot Setup.
  • The new help file has been updated and a new section called Key Concepts has been added. This is a good section to read!
  • Leading Edge Roundstock and Construction Holes that were selectively disabled were still being rendered in the .DXF output. This has been corrected.
  • Lightening Holes may be toggled on and off by double clicking on them. Previously, double clicking would reset the ruler 0,0 position. In order to accommodate the new Lightening Holes on and off functionality, you will now need to hold the CTRL key down while double-clicking in the window to re-position the 0,0 ruler points.


  • The update listing that CompuFoil3D displays when a new version is available has been updated to use html formatting. This is vastly more readable and opens the door for more interactive notices in the future regarding available updates, issues, notices, etc.
  • Previous versions would set the nose of the #1 rib above the X axis in the CNC-DXF output such that the lower surface would be above the X Axis as well. The ability to set the nose of rib #1 to the origin has been added to the DXF Settings window.
  • Fixed a problem where DTubes set to track a spar were not positioning properly in panels beyond panel 1.
  • Fixed a problem where in some cases, the top slat was not generated cleanly in the CNC-DXF output.
  • Added the ability to flare the trailing edge of a a rib set and still perform rib set modifications afterwards. Previously, you would lose the flare if you modified the rib set in any way after flaring
  • Added the ability to show notations in the File Open dialog for .lft rib sets as well. In case you missed this feature, under the File menu, selecting Add/Modify Notation allows you to attach a notation to any type of CompuFoil3D file. This notation appears above the preview window in the are marked Attached Notation.
  • Fixed a problem where using the Hicks modification in the 6 series NACA generator could in some cases cause program instability and odd nose formation.
  • Fixed a problem where when you modified a jig hole, creating a CNC dxf output would not reflect the change made to the hole until the template was saved. .

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