SoarSoft Software CompuFoil3D - The complete Airfoil Template System
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    What's New in CompuFoil3D

  Why upgrade to CompuFoil3D from CompuFoil2000? After all, CompuFoil2000 has been working well for you right? Aside from the vast list of enhancements below, CompuFoil2000 was maintained to allow for use on the old 16 bit Windows 3.1 operating system. This automatically limited the user to not having many of the conveniences of the modern 32 bit operating system, such as long file names, etc. CompuFoil3D is compiled for use on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Win7 operating systems.






CompuFoil3D vs CompuFoil2000

Base Program




  Auto Lightening Hole Generation Lightening Holes can be automatically generated - automatically avoiding spars. Double click to selectively turn holes on and off within a rib.
  Station Lines Station lines for both Foam Template as well as use for full rib subdivision Foam templet type station lines only
  Movable/ Dockable Toolbars Toolbars may be docked to edges of screen Turn on/off only
  Long filenames Full long filename support Limited to eight characters
  Conic Bulkhead Generating Wizard Easily generate bulkhead shapes with conic curve edges
  Configurable sheeting User may define  starting/ending ribs Sheeting applies to all ribs
  Leading edge reinforcing strips Strips inset at leading edge for reinforcement
  Adjustable line width User adjustable  printed width of lines Manual editing of .ini file
  Update availability Automatically checks for updates and handles installation
  Splash screen customization User may select images to be used for flying planes
  Print Preview 32 tiling configuration options, with up to 100 pages displayed Two page limit side-by-side
  Leading Edge Roundstock Selected holes can be "turned off" so as not to print
  Page Numbering Pages are numbered according to row and column
  VNotches Selected notches can be "turned off" so as not to print
  Color Configuration Individual colors for: Dotted lines, Text, Solid lines, Jig Holes, Round Stock, Spar Notch, V-Notch, Hidden item, Selected Item, Highlighted Spar, Highlighted Hole Dotted, solid and text colors
  Trailing edge stock notch allowance Allows for rib notch cut into trailing edge stock
  Visual indication of modified/moved leading edge round stock Altered holes have a 'X' center point rather than "+"
  Common button graphics Common selection buttons such as "Apply", "Cancel", etc have common bitmaps for quicker reference
Modification Module      
  Pressure profiles calculated around surface Cp plotted in real time as airfoil is altered
  Undo/Redo Multiple Undo/Redo capacity Limited to last modification
  Reflex Wizard Allows for trailing edge reflex
  Multi Rib  Flare Wizard Multiple lofted ribs may be flared Only individual ribs may be flared
Spar Slots      
  Tubular spars Tubular spars for both surface notches as well as full depth spars Tubular spars for surface notches only
  Spar highlight identification Currently selected  spar is  highlighted for easy identification
  Spar rotation Spar may be rotated about center to any angle
Jig/Construction Holes      
  Possible Number Five Groups of two holes Two holes only
  Scope Configurable starting/ending position Holes run through all ribs
  Rotation Rotate holes due to washout about leading edge hole Holes always rotate relative to leading edge
  Dihedral Individual dihedral angle for each hole group
  Hole highlight Current holes being worked on are  highlighted
  Visual indication of modified/moved holes Altered holes have a 'X' center point rather than '+'
3D Rendering (new to 3D version)    
    Render wing as sheeted, skeletal, or line drawing
  Dihedral Angle Each panel may have a separate dihedral angle
  Washout transition Both Geometric and proportional washout distributions. Proportional washout transition only
  Auto Tab Height Automatically adjust building tab heights to generate flat top wing surface
  Scaled Printouts Print out scaled wing layouts that fit on one page
  Multiple foam template sets Selection for height adjustment for straight top surface or dihedral angle Selection for height adjustment for straight top surface only
Geodetic Lofting (new to 3D version)    
  Create ribs that cross from one forward rib to another Six different rib configurations available
DXF Ouput      
  Scaling User define scaling factor
  Offset User defined image offset
  Rib Spacing User defined gap between rib images
CNC-DXF Outline (new to 3D version)    
  Create outline only dxf file. Generates clean polyline of rib outline, including spar slots for CNC cutter use. May also define cutter offsets. Can generate .dxf file in 3D for milling purposes.