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    ScopeWerks-Focus Wheels, Elevation Turrets, and Pointers.


My new Scope-Werks website has been launched! This new sight is dedicated to both the ScopeKnob software as well as my scope hardware/assessories.



The Eric Sanders ScopeWerks sidewheels are machined from a solid piece of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The wheels are very light, and designed with enough flex in the larger sizes to protect the scope mechanism.

Wheels for Nikko/BSA Sterling Diamond and Nighteater, Hawke, Leupold, Sightron, Bushnell 6500, March, Optison, AEON, Burris, Bushnell, Falcon, Delta, Leapers, Millet, Monarch, Schmitt and Bender, Tasco, Walter, and ZOS have been designed. Custom wheels are available as well.

What are the benefits to using the replacement sidewheel? Your accuracy will only be as good as your range finding. You already have one of the best scopes available to accurately range find; the only thing that is lacking is the ability to get your yardage lines separated enough at the further distances. For instance, with the Nikko Sterling and BSA scopes, the six inch wheel, will allow you to get individual markings out to 55 yards, and even out to 70 if you reset the scope to only focus out to 100 yards. An additional benefit is you can now focus the scope with your right thumb while holding the rifle in an offhand shooting position.

The focus wheels come in several different sizes and configureations. 6", 5" and 4" round are available, as well as 5" eccentric and the new Nautilus comma. Many examples of my work are shown in the photographs below.

This is the current price schedule.

  • New wheel design-No charge.
  • 6 round wheels-$120
  • 5” eccentric and 5” round-$110
  • 4” round wheels-$100Nautilus-$110
  • Elevation turrets-$55
  • Pointers 2/$40 or $25pc.
  • Bead blasting-free upon request. Nautilus wheels come standard with bead blasting.
  • Black powder coating-$15 for total order
  • Priority mail shipping-$5.95/free if wheel and turret are purchased as a set.

This page is still under constructions, so paypal has not been setup for all the variations of wheels available. Please contact me with your needs. Some photos are of the old style wheel before aquiring a CNC mill.

March Scope LG110

HW97 Hawke

Optisan Viper


Sightron SIII

Hawke Eccentci

March Scope





Elevation Knob

The elevation knob is also machined from solid stock of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The elevation knob allows you to add a tape to your scope that reflects the proper yardages.

This knob pictured a custom low profile version. The standard elevation knob design is a full 1" tall. The tape was printed using the ScopeKnob Elevation/SideWheel Tape and Ballistics program. To install, simply slide the new knob over the existing knob and tighen down the three set screws.


NOTE: I don't have a proper ordering system setup yet for all the varieties of side-wheels and elevation knobs I make. Contact me if you are interested in ones not listed below.

Order Nikko Nighteater 4" wheel with priority mail shipping, ($100)

Order Nikko/BSA Diamond Sidewheel and Elevation Knob (free priority mail shipping) $175: Select Knob Type
Click to see image of new style


Order Nikko/BSA Diamond Elevation Knob Only $55+$5.35 Priority Mail Shipping: Select Knob Type
Click to see image of new style


OrderNikko/BSA Diamond Sidewheel Only $120 + $5.35 Priority Mail Shipping



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