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    CompuFoil3D PayPal ordering Guide



Online orders and payments are processed securely through PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account, you can enter your account and password at CheckOut. If you are not a PayPal member, PayPal will ask you to enter the usual information for a Credit Card sale: name, card type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), card number, confirmation number, expiration date, mailing address, and telephone number.

The first time the Add to PayPal Shopping Cart button is selected, your browser will open a new window linked to paypal, diplaying your shopping card. There you may remove items if you selected wrong. When you have all the modules you desire, you will select the Check Out button. This will direct you to log into your PayPal account. You may select the button below to see your current order.

The registration code is generated from a Hardware Fingerprint. Please run the fingerprint utility to get your hardware fingerprint. This utility will display your number which should be copied and pasted into the comments section of the PayPal order window on final checkout. A temporary registration code will be provided if you would rather not include the hardware fingerprint right away. In this case, CompuFoil3D will still register, but will create an email for you requesting your permanent unlock key.






Base Program The base program includes functionality to produce individual ribs, foam templates and leading edge shaping guides. Standard functionality such as sheeting allowance, leading edge round stock, wire kerf compensation, leading and trailing edge stock, building tabs, etc. are included. Also included is the Conic Bulkhead Wizard. $39.00
This option is always required and should always be selected.
Lofting Module The lofting module allows you to specify different root and tip airfoil types, and generate full sets of forward facing transitional ribs for up to five wing panels at one time. You can generate ribs for straight tapered, elliptical, modified elliptical, or user defined planform shapes. You can also produce Root/Tip and Sub-Rib foam templates, individual built-up or foam templates, full sets of foam templates. Washout, dihedral angle, and wing sweep may also be defined
JigHole/SparSlot The SparSlot/ConstructionHole module allows you to automatically place spars and holes in your templates. SparSlots may be tapered, full depth setup as surface notches, or tubes. Ten different placements options my be selected for up to 20 individual spar placements. Other configuration options exist as well. The ConstructionHole module allows you to place holes for use with building jigs, as lightening holes, joiner tubes, etc.. Up to five groups of hole, two holes per group may be placed. Eight different placement options make it highly configurable. Holes may also be manually moved and resized.
Modification The modification module include functionality to change: camber, thickness, max thick location, max camber position, combine airfoils, replace thickness profile, mirror surface, edit coordinates, reflex modification wizard, trailing edge flare wizard, full screen airfoil editor (CAD type functionality). $15.00
NACA Generator The NACA generate will create 4-digit, 5-digit, 6-digit, 4-digit modified, 5-digit modified, and 16 digit NACA airfoils based upon your criteria. They can also be saved as coordinate files for later use $12.00
Airfoil Library The Airfoil Library contains 360+ ready to use airfoils $10.00
DXF Module The .DXF module create industry standard digital exchange format files or your ribs/wing which may be imported into most CAD and graphic programs. Surfaces are saved as polylines. Different entities are placed on separate layers within the .dxf file $12.00
CNC-DXF Outline Module The CNC-DXF Outline module will produce an outline only .dxf file of the ribs. Spars Slots, Trailing Edge Slats, D-Tube construction, Leading Edge Stock, and Building Tabs are accommodated. The outline is saved as a single polyline. You may also include Leading Edge Round Stock holes, Jig holes, Leading and Trailing Edge Reinforcing Strip cut-outs $18.00
This module requires the Lofting Module.
Geodetic Rib Module The Geodetic Rib Module is used in conjunction with the lofting module to produce six different cross-rib configurations: |\\|\\|, |/|/|, |\\|/|. |/|\\|, |X|X|, XXXX. Cross ribs are automatically placed based upon D-Tube configuration, leading and trailing edge stock. The Lofting Module must be present in order to use this module $14.00
This module requires the Lofting Module.
3D Rendering Module The 3D Rendering module will render your lofted ribs in three dimensions. The wing image my be dynamically rotated, scrolled, and sized. You have control of which wing items are included: Ribs, Spars, Leading Edge Stock, Trailing Edge Stock, Trailing Edge Slats, Reinforcing Strips, Leading Edge Round Stock, and Leading Edge Stock. You can render as either a wire frame, solid structure, or solid sheeted wing. Both wing panes are rendered with full perspective viewing. You may also perform a screen capture of the image with a click of a button to be pasted into other software. You must have the Lofting Module in order to utilize the 3D rendering module $14.00
This module requires the Lofting Module.
Domestic Mailed CD Option The CompuFoil3D download will become a full working version after a registration code is entered. This code will be emailed to you. Keep in mind that the downloadable file is the same as that you will receive on the CD. CD option is very optional. $10.50
International Mailed CD Option The CompuFoil3D download will become a full working version after a registration code is entered. This code will be emailed to you. Keep in mind that the downloadable file is the same as that you will receive on the CD. CD option is very optional. $17.50

 When will I receive my registration code?

We know that you want your software NOW, and we do care to provide quick service. We will normally reply within 8 hours (usually 2-5 hours) with an e-mail containing your License Key to unlock your evaluation version. If you use spam filtering software, please remember to add "" to your list of acceptable e-mail senders.

In order to expidite your order, please be sure to run the fingerprint utility to get your hardware fingerprint, and include it in your order. If you forgot to do this, simply send an email with the fingerprint. Your order will still be processed without the fingerprint, but you will initially receive a temporary registration code instead.

If you don't receive your License Key within 24 hours, please e-mail us as there is most likely a problem with your order, or we couldn't send registration information to your original e-mail address due to your Anti-SPAM system.

  Upgrade and Update policy

Since CompuFoil was first released as a commercial product in 1992, incremental updates have always been, and will remain free.  CompuFoil3D will automatically connect to the Compufoil website to check what the current version is. If an update is found, you will be prompted if you would like to automatically download the update program. CompuFoil3D has the ability to also keep you help file up-to-date in the same manner.

Major new releases come every three or four years.  Substantial discounts are given to those wishing to upgrade.

Order today. You will never be charged for version 4.x.x.x updates!

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