SoarSoft Software CompuFoil3D - The complete Airfoil Template System
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Instructions: The CompuFoil3D demo program is the complete program in demo form. Activating it with an unlock code turns it into the full working version. The unlock code is generated by a number displayed as a "Hardware Fingerprint", (HWF), by the demo startup screen when you start CompuFoil3D in demo mode. If you wish to recieve a CD, you may select the optoin to do so on the order form. If you do not wish to download the 4meg CompuFoil3D application, please download and run this 460k fingerprint application which will display your HWF for you. The HWF should be included with the order. If not, you will receive a temporary unlock key, and will receive the permanent key once your HWF is forwarded to us
When you are ready, complete steps 1-3 below:

Step 1 entails filling in your order information. Your email address will NEVER be sold or disclosed to outside parties. Select the button to read more about the options.
Step 2 will create a secure, encrypted text body.
Step 3 will email the encrypted text directly to SoarSoft Software for processing. You should receive your unlock key within 24 hours, normally within 8 hours.

Step 1. Complete this form, selecting your options and filling in your user information
Basic Program $39  
Lofting Module $21
Modification Module $15
Airfoil Library $10
SparSlot/Construction Hole Module $13
DXF Output Module $12
NACA Generator $12
Geodetic Rib Module $14
3D Rendering Module $14
CNC-DXF Outline Module $18

CompuFoil Upgrade Discount (click [?])
CompuFoil98 Upgrade Discount (click [?])
CompuFoil2000 Upgrade Discount $42 (click [?])

CompuFoil3D is supplied as an Internet download. However a mailed CD puchase is available if selected

No CD Shipped-Internet Download Only  

*Credit Card Name*
*Credit Card: Number*


*Expiration: Month*

*Zip Code (if U.S. CC)

Registration Name
Phone Number    
*Email Address    
* Hardware Fingerprint  
Post Purcase Module Upgrade Fee
Total Price

* These items are required. The Hardware Fingerprint is used to generate your unlock code. This number is displayed on the opening demo screen of the CompuFoil3D application. If your internet access speed is a concern and you would rather not download and install the application, or you can get it by running this 460k utility.

Step 2. Click this Encrypt button to encrypt your order
Encrypt Order
Encrypted Text to be Sent

Step 3. Once you have encrypted the order, click this Submit button to send your order