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Release Date:

October 01, 2004


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Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


Minimum Intel PentiumII® with 128 MB RAM

File size:

4.76 Mb

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  Create Foam Templates with Ease.
Simply load an airfoil shape, and you are looking at a complete foam template.   Alter the chord length, sheeting thickness, washout, etc. to your liking, and print out your template.   Wire kerf compensation, (the width of foam burned during the cutting process), is automatically adjusted for.   A mirror image is automatically printed for placement on both sides of your  template.   
See a Foam Template Screen Shot

  Effortlessly Create Full Sets of Built-up Rib Templates.
CompuFoil3D will auto-generate built up wing rib templates for you.   Unlike other template programs, CompuFoil3D is not a generate once/add details later type of software.   Each template addition or modification results in a complete re-computation of all your ribs.   This allows you to easily modify your wing structure without having to start from scratch.   You simply choose your wing shape  a multi paneled straight tapered, elliptical, modified elliptical, or user defined planform shape.   Next, fill in the dimensions and sweep of the wing, along with the desired airfoils, and select Ok.   All ribs are generated for you.   From here, automatic spar placement, holes, leading edge VNotches, leading edge reinforcement strips, building tabs, trailing edge slats, etc., are easily defined, and the ribs automatically updated.
See a Built-Up Rib Screen Shot

  See  your  Wing  in  3D
Once you have generated your ribs, select the 3D button to see your finished wing before you even pick up your X-Acto!   You can see it either skinned or as a solid skeleton.   Zoom in and out, turn selected wing structures on and off, inspect it and evaluate it.   There  is  even  a  Copy  button  to  copy  the  rendered  image  into  the  Windows  clipboard.      Now simply paste the image into your favorite application, or email
See the 3D Rendering Window

  Output Your Templates
Once you have your templates generated, you can have CompuFoil3D send  them to your printer.   Are your templates longer than the paper? No problem, CompuFoil3D will automatically tile your images, placing registration marks in the corners along with page placement numbers.   If your printer supports it, you can print using thermal transfer ink.   Now simply iron the pattern onto your balsa.
See the Print Preview Window

  Export Your Templates
You can also save your templates as a .dxf file.   CompuFoil3D saves different template entities , (spar slots, holes, sheeting, etc.), on separate layers, This file may then be imported into your favorite CAD program.   There is now even an CNC-DXF Outline module, which will render the dxf file as a single line tracing the outline of the rib templates.   It even takes care of cutter offsets!

  Modify  Airfoils.
Put the power of CompuFoil3D's modification functions to use an you can generate your own airfoils.   Changing thickness, camber, combine airfoils, and many other functions are available. There is even a Full Screen Editor where you can graphically move/delete/curve fit coordinates  and  perform  overlays  with  other  airfoils 
See the Full Screen Editor Window

  Check Coefficient of Pressure Curves.
Switch over to the Cp tab, and check the pressure distribution over your airfoil.   The Cp plot quickly identifies areas in the coordinates that need moving.
See the Cp Plot Window

  Create Bulkhead Shapes
Using the Conic Bulkhead Wizard, you can easily create conic  curved  sided  bulkheads complete with stringer notches, much as you would loft a ribs. These bulkheads can then be saved and used to loft a set of bulkheads, much like you would a set of ribs
See the Bulkhead Wizard Window

  Create N.A.C.A. Airfoil on the Fly.
The  powerful  NACA  generator  allows you to quickly generate 4 digit, 5 digit, 6 digit, 4 digit modified, 5 digit modified, and 16 digit NACA airfoils.
See the NACA Generator Window


      Key Available Modules

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Starting at only.. US$38.00


Lofting Module for auto rib set generation  


Reference Hole/Spar Slot Module for automatic hole and Spar placement


Modification Module for airfoil shape manipulation, and Cp calculations  


NACA Generator for easy generation of 4, 5, 6, 4modified, 5modified, and 16 digit NACA airfoils more


DXF Output Module for exporting industry standard dxf files of your templates, planforms, and/or leading edge shaping guides


CNC-DXF Outline Module for exporting industry standard .dxf files of your ribsets optimized for CNC work


Airfoil Library of over 375 ready to use airfoils more


Geodetic Rib Module,  for use with the Lofting Module, for generating geodetic wing structures in six different configurations.


3D Rendering Module renders your ribset, generated by the lofting module, allowing you to see your finished wing structure.