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  SoarSoft Software Technical Support


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Thank you for visiting our Technical Support page. We welcome your feature requests, bug reports, feedback and questions about CompuFoil. Please use the following form to submit your comments. Providing your e-mail address gives us the possibility to get back to you if we have problems recreating your bug report - and we can say "thank you" personally. We usually reply to e-mails requiring a response within one business day.

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We believe that our web site is typically the quick and easy way to find the information you are looking for. For additional assistance, contact Technical Support via e-mail. Your feedback is important to us in order to get an idea of how to make CompuFoil a better product for you.

Technical support is available via e-mail at no charge for all registered users. Although, we keep trying to answer everyone regardless of whether you are a registered user or not.

If you have a question about CompuFoil or ScopeKnob, please be as specific as possible about your problem. Within CompuFoil, you can select the Help|CompuFoil on the Web|Send email to Support menu item. This is the preferred method as it automatically includes the version of CompuFoil that you are using.

Please include the following in your message:

. Windows version.
. Description of your problem (please provide us as much information as possible) and/or a screenshot (GIF), if words fail. You can also include your particular .lft (lofted rib set) file you are having difficulties with.

See The CompuFoil F.A.Q.
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