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3D Rendering Module

This exciting new addition to CompuFoil's module list allows you to see your wing structure before ever cutting a single rib!

Using the various selection options, you can render structures as solids, wire frame, or simply turn them off. Quick Options buttons allow you to render the entire wing as a wireframe, solid structure, or solid sheeted wing.

You may of course zoom, move around, and rotate the wing to inspect it at any angle. The Print button will send the picture to your printer, and the Capture button will send the image into the Windows clipboard, allowing you to then perform an Edit|Paste operation from any application that supports it, (such as Word for Windows, etc..)

The Lofting Module is required to make use the the 3D Rendering Module

Spar Slots
Leading Edge Stock
Trailing Edge Stock
Trailing Edge Slats
Reinforcing Strips
Leading Edge Roundstock
V-Notch Stock

Highslide JS
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