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Lofting Module

What is Lofting? The term lofting is the act of progressing from one shape to another in a smooth and continuous manner. With the addition of the Geodetic Rib Construction Module, you can also loft cross brace ribs, as is often used by free flight enthusiasts. Your finished wing can also be seen as a 3D rendering with the optional 3D Rendering Module.

Highslide JS CompuFoil's Lofting Module does just that and more. For rib lofting, you simply define your basic wing layout, as well as the root and tip rib airfoil shapes. Four different wing types are supported:

1. Straight Tapered
2. Planform From File
3. Elliptical
4. Modified Elliptical

Straight Tapered wings can be produced with up to five wing panels at one time. You may select a different airfoil for each panel, or let CompuFoil calculate the airfoil at each panel based upon the nearest define airfoil specified.

Planform From File wings, as displayed above, allows you to loft your ribs against a user defined planform shape.

Elliptical wings are mathematically true elliptically shaped wings.

Modified Elliptical wings are in effect swept elliptical wings.

Selecting the Ok button starts the rendering process. In less than a second, CompuFoil will generate your complete set of ribs. Building tabs will also be present if you turn them on. All ribs will have spar slots, holes, etc.. automatically placed. You can view your planform layout, ribs, or leading edge shaping guides by selecting the proper toolbar button.

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