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The following are actual emails received, and are only a very small sampling of the CompuFoil accolades received from satisfied customers.  Feedback Form.

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Hi Eric,
A quick note to say a huge thank you and what a fantastic program you’ve made. I’ve played around with it for less than a couple of hours and my record from start to ribs cut on the laser is less than 8 minutes!

Simply brilliant.

Regards - John Bridgett


Hello Eric,

Has anyone told you lately how much your time and energy for putting out such a great product means to them? Well, I was thinking that I really don't know how we could get along without such a nice and friendly progam. I can go for months without doing anything and suddenly when I need a new wing, "Voila!, there it is!"

Anyway, I know you probably don't get enough accolades for such a quality product as this which I know is from your heart and in probably your "Baby."

If you ever decide to quit this continuing effort, remember, there are some out there that really do appreciate you for your time and hope you don't cave in.

Larry A. Burns, Sr.


Hi Eric,
Just to let you know the new 3D version is amazing, I didn!t think you could improve that much on the Compufoil2000 that I have been using for years but you did. I am very impressed with the conic bulkhead creation wizard and the 3D rendering option is really nice. Thank you for this great software; it is one of the best software values I have purchased.
Chuck Dill


Just wanted to say thanks. 

About the best software purchase I ever made.  At least, it's absolutely the most bang for the buck with the free updates.  Love it and use it a lot with very, very few issues.

Just wanted to say thanks and encourage you to continue on with this endeavor.  It's much appreciated.

Chuck Carlilse


Many thanks for giving me back my right arm!!  What a brilliant programme - I thought the old set up was OK but this new one is incredible.
As a 75 year old, I thought I could maybe slow down a little on my building jobs, but now I've got this I will have to start again!! Again, many thanks for your help and some exceptional software.
Tony Starkey.



"I've been working with the new 3D version for a few weeks now and I have to tell you, I really love it. I can get a "real view" of the final structure in 3D view mode and the other new additions are a bonus. Awesome product!
Keith Glass."



"Do you know, it's a real pleasure to get such marvellous (sic) response from a software producer such as your good self. Since purchasing your software the few queries e-mailed to you over that period have always been responded to with the utmost urgency and never failing solutions. The larger organizations (sic) could certainly take lessons from you. Thank you very much Eric the file worked a treat. The software disk will still work with my desktops running Windows ME and 98 2nd edition I assume. Thank you very much Eric, what a Wizard you are."
Kindest regards,
Roy Yates



"Thank you for your return E-mail. I received my Compufoil today in the mail. I have it installed and have already used it. I am presently scratch - building a quarter scale Caudron C-460. I need to build the flaps now and they are not defined on the print. I lofted a set of nine ribs and printed them along with a planform for BOTH flaps in less than 15 minutes on my first try. What a time saving and powerful tool!
I've barely scratched the surface and I already love it.
Thanks again ,
Great Stuff !!!"
T. J. Suerdieck


"This is an outstanding program and well worth the investment. In one afternoon with no prior experience with CompuFoil, I was able to generate individual test ribs for the dragonfly slope glider I am scratch building. This almost makes generating all those individual ribs fun.
Thanks again for the help"
Steve Bingham



"It is truly refreshing to find someone who is willing to provide the kind of support after the point of sale that you have provided. I know that there are competitive products that are available, and for that matter, I own one of those products. First of all, let me tell you, from my personal experience the competition isn't competitive in any aspect that I have been able to discern, including, the biggie, ease of use!
Again, my thanks to you for a Great product and fantastic support. Between CompuFoil and feather cut, I am having a great time."

Spalding White


"Eric, I must say that I am astounded. I emailed my support request at 1:09AM 5/5/00. At 1:32PM 5/5/00. I received by email a brand new version of Compufoil with the functionality I needed implemented. In just over 12 HOURS (!!) you provided me with what is an essentially custom upgrade to a professional-level program. This upgrade was also posted on the web for the use of others on the very same day. In an age of faceless corporations and brain-dead " customer service representatives (sic)" this is truly (sic) outstanding customer service!!
Please rest assured that I will remain a loyal customer of your program, and that I will do all I can to see that my fellow modelers know of the incredible product and service you provide."
Mark D. Fain



"Eric, I cannot say enough good things about your product and your product support.  You have helped me out so many times as I went through my computer and CompuFoil learning curves.
As I've said before, you have a GREAT product.  It works so well and I really consider CompuFoil to be the best software money I have spent. Compufoil is one of the 2 or 3 programs that I use the most and I am lost without it. And if something doesn't go quite right, there YOU are to help get things working properly (thank you for the phone call, my jaw dropped to the floor.  Talk about unexpected). And what other vendor (programmer) continues to give, what seems to be, free, unlimited updates (don't go getting any ideas here).
You are a perfectionist.  And for that I, and all, CompuFoil users are extremely grateful."
Bob Douglas

"Dear Mr. Sanders
Many times the only time an individual or Organization is contacted is due to a problem with their product. Fortunately, for our firm, of this is not the situation.
This letter is to complement you on your software, and the outstanding customer support you have furnished us. the CompuFoil professional airfoil editing software you provided has exceeded our expectations, and is aiding us immeasurably. I hope you will continue publishing software of such high quality. Thank you."
T.D. Barnett
Barnett Design Bureau



"I am still using CompuFoil as the only wing design tool for BIG ED's HOBBIES, my only complaint is that after the wing the fuze takes too long 8 -))), seriously, the software is a delight, the ability to export dxf files alone makes it a must buy, but add in the ability to loft a complete set of ribs, magic, we are selling two newish models, a twin of about 90" wing span and a single about the same, the flight charistics??? are great, which I believe it due to the ability of compufoil to fine tune a rib to my specs.
Again Eric, thanks for a fine product and great service."
Big Ed's Hobbies

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