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    Customer Creations Page

This page is dedicated to my customers. These are their creations utilizing CompuFoil as their main wing tool. Click on the thumbnail photo for a high-res photograph.


I appreciate your fine programme and not the least your quick service.
Appended an image of the ASK 14, third scale I was able to build thanks to the use of your excellent programme.
Wish you a good year end and a happy New Year!
Kinds Regards,

Eric. One for you readers page!!! Model is on knife edge at less than 1\2 throttle at full rudder!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see the angle is radical for a mere 50 size model!! More than a little thanks must go to your Compufoil program which helped me loft and prepare ribs and rear decking. Regards Malcolm Corbin, United Kingdom

Guillermo writes:
Hi Eric, here are some pictures of my latest creation, it´s a Gates Learjet 35A in 1:4.8 scale. The engines are 2 KJ-66 turbines ,all up weight is 25Kg. The wings and stab are made with Compufoil 2000 and export to my cad. The fuselage was made by my good friend Jorge Dipolitto
Thank for Compufoil.
Guillermo Camacho.

Malcom Corbin of the UK sent this beautiful creation in.

Here are some pics of my scratch designed J3 that I built using Compufoil. It uses a Speed 400 gearbox with a 4:1 gearbox turning a 11x8 wooden Master Airscrew prop. Radio is JR Max66 using JR micro servos and a Hitech 555 RX. Motor is powered by eight Sanyo 500AR's. I get about 7-8 minutes of relaxed touch and goes in true Cub style.
Vaughan RizzoSouth Africa

Attached are photos of my latest creation using your software to plot out the wing ribs. John Boren

Dear Eric, Here is the airplane that I used your Compufoil program to design..It has two OS 46 FX engines in it...I used naca 2319 with a 12 inch cord and it has a 83inch span.Both engines have to be running perfect to each other or it will not taxi straight down the runway on take off...But once they are set,it just roars into the sky...Nothing but fun!!Thanks Eric for a great program...Mike

Attached are two pictures of my latest creation. The wing has a NACA 3414 root foil lofted to a 2412 at the tip, using Compufoil of course! It flies just fine, but in the relentless pursuit of excellence, I always wonder if I could improve it. What do you think? Chuck


This was the intention that you could show these to the world. My friend Irmin, in Germany,made and is still working on the website about motorgliding The ASK 16 wings, elevator and rudder are all design by Compufoil including the modification that I had to make to get the undercariage in and out, in a proper way. It is a fantastic plane and with stopped engine a good sailplane too.The plan is from Cliff Charlesworth and is an all wood constrution, exept for the cowl and wheeldoors. These are made in epoxy.The engine can be restarted with the onboard starter without the need to land first. You can put my name and the motorglider interest groups e-mail address down too, so they can always ask for info if you want.
Greetings, Chantal en Noël

SB-10 -34 ft wings! 

The project I finished last year was built using Compufoil Pro templates.It's a 10.6 meter (34ft 8in) wingspan scale sailplane called the SB-10. It uses HQ airfoils with a composite/wood spar system. It flew for the first time in October last year and has had many successful flights since. Thought you might be interested!

Tony Elliot

Slingsby T31

I have include a few shots of my quarter scale Slingsby T31 made possible with your software. I used an internet shot of the glider from the Gotenberg Gliding Club for the color scheme and even modelled the pilots to their photo.
Thanks for the great software
Vince Cockett

1/4 scale Ercoupe 

Here is a picture a my 1/4 scale Ercoupe model as built to my own design. This model placed 6th at the AMA Nats this summer and is the subject of the front cover photo of the Set/Oct 2000 issue of RC Scale International Magazine (Traplet Publications -UK). Model specs: Scale 1:4, 90" wingspan, 51.5" OAL, Weight 26 Lbs, Futaba 9Z radio, Moki 1.8 cu in. Zinger 18-8 prop, Throw, Mixture control, Nose Steering, Rudders(2), Ailerons (2), Elevator, & Lights = nine servos & all nine channels used. I used Compufoil's Naca generator to produce a DXF output of the wing section for laser cutting. By the way the section is NACA 43013 . Thank you so much for a wonderful product. The picture of yours truly and the model were taken at Toledo 2000 David J. Fogarty


Ray Cannon writes:
Here are some pictures of my Boeing XB-47, which I built with a great deal of help from Compufoil and FeatherCut. The plans were drawn on my computer. Power is 4 WeMoTec Mini Fan 480's with Plettenberg HP 200/20/6 motors and 20 3000 mah NiMH cells.The outer engine pods are empty dummies. All up weight is 10 pounds.It flies very well with no bad habits.
Thanks again for CompuFoil - Ray Canoon


Full size - not a model!
Richard Fraser writes:
My creations are more analytical but can show your customers just what additionally can be done with your Compufoil program in conjunction with other programs. The attachment is a real airplane (not a model) that a friend of mine in New Zealand has almost completed using my airfoil and wing set collaboration. It is a "Flying Flea" (Pou du Ceil).

Richard Karp writes:
Hi Eric, I have finally finished my first creation using "compufoil to design the airfoil! The design goal was to create an aircraft that was speed-limited,stable,stall-free (IN LEVEL FLIGHT) yet aerobatic & easy to build. the hard part to swallow was - it worked! Not only did it work, but it exceeded my expectations----= got lucky! This plane has (in one form or another) been "in the oven" for over 6yrs. With the help of "compufoil", I've been able to improve the characteristics of the airfoil beyond what I could have before by a "long-shot". Basically, the foil is a mariage of a semi and a undercamber with a camber & thickness mod. Anyway, I'm happy to include a pic. for dn. ld. if your interested. Thanks again, Eric,rich karp. P.S. Alot of people think I ought to share this design with others, so I have decided to sell the plans in the near future-for what it's worth.

Piper Tomahawk

Jim Walthall writes:The plane is a 30% scale Piper Tomahawk it's wing span is 102". All flying surfaces are foam with 3/32 balsa and 1.3 oz. fiberglass cloth. Power is a 3W 48-B2 twin @ 2.9 Plane was built with original Piper 3 views. Fuselage is Fiberglass.All wings were plotted using your program then exported in DXF to my Cad Cam program where I programmed the templates on my CNC machine. I had no problem with the DXF import, which as you know sometimes that can be a problem.


If this is you, please email me back! I lost part of my email archives and can't give credit where it is due!

Stan Yoa's Enigma

English plane company at

This is their EPP sloper

Aleksander Sekirnik's HLG 

 Aleksander writes:
"Thanks to compufoil 98 and its usable functions I was able to construct, easily build (rib beds remember) and maiden fly this beautiful HLG model. I used Compufoil to construct it's wings, fuselage hull ( laminar NASA ) and V tail. I can tell you it flies as great as it looks.Plans were drawn in Autocad . Will be in touch with my new projects."


 Magnus Östling's DH115 T MkII "Vampire". Very nice!


 John Hayes' Grumman Widgeon twin engine seaplane with a 10 1/2 ft wing span


 Joe Grable's C130.  This is one beautiful job! You can hardly tell it's a model.


 Here is a picture of the Xterminator polyflaperon hlg with modified 7080 from compufoil ship is an evolution of the terminator hlg designed by Bill Grenoble and Denny Maize. It weighs 9.2 oz with 4 servos and 110 mah pack.

 P40 by Dave Wenzlick

 Here is a fly by shot of my all EPP P-40. Modified S3021. 1/7 scale 67"span. 6.5 lbs. Scale in all dimensions. Covered in packing tape and sign vinyl then airbrushed. Beautiful flyer. Dave Wenzlick Mesa AZ.

Sratch Built Tipsy

Beautifil scratch built Tipsy from Dennis Sumner.

The Tipsy was a 1930’s Light airplane designed my Ernest Tips. Itl has a 50” wingspan and has about 380 square inches. It weighs 38 ounces and is powered by a Scorpion 3008/1090kv motor with a 3S2200 Lipoly battery.


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