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    CompuFoil3D Feature Tour


•  CompuFoil3D is packed with features
which make it an essential tool for anyone building their own wings, or tweaking airfoils. CompuFoil's usefulness isn't limited to model airplanes however. It has been used to develop keels for America's Cup sailboats, wind generator turbines, surfboard and sailboard fins, and race car down draft spoilers.

The Feature Tour covers some of the most popular features of CompuFoil3D. Find out how CompuFoil3D can help save you hours and hours of time.

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Major topics of interest include:

Main Window
3D Rendering
Print Preview
Spar Setup
Lofting Window
NACA Generator
Full Screen Editor
User Testimonials

Give the CompuFoil3D program a run! Once you try it, we think you will find it hard to go back to other airfoil utilities, or back to manually creating your templates. If you decide to purchase it, it starts at only $38.00 and you can add features and functionality for only the items that you need. The demo version contains the secure ordering utility which will construct an encrypted email for you. Once received and processed, you will receive the unlock code. The Unlock Code makes your demo version fully functional. You most likely will be using CompuFoil3D the same day it was ordered!

Incremental updates have always been free and will remain so. Upon startup, CompuFoil3D, will check if a newer version is available. If allowed, it will download the update program for you.

Download the Demo Version
Technical Support