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Print Preview

Print PreviewCompuFoil3D's custom Print Preview function allows you to see up to see up to 100 pages at a time! Not only that, you have the choice of over 30 preview layout options. This allows you to not only preview the printed pages, but lay them out in the same order that they will be combined.

Print PreviewEach page has registration marks in the corners to facilitate page alignment when being joined. The easiest way to join the pages is to simply punch a hole through one sheet's registration mark using a pencil, so that you can see the registration mark of the next page. By aligning these, you are assured that the printed template image is aligned as well. For those with dot matrix printer, or printers that support continuous sheet paper, the printed templates will simply span down the length of the paper.

Each page also contains a page code, such as 7B. This tells you that the sheet is the seventh column over (7), and the second row down (B).




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